· Festivals & Traditions ·

Spain is one country in the world where the word "fiesta" takes on its true meaning.

Spain’s rich cultural heritage gives each region of the country, even the smallest village, its own festivities transmitted from generation to generation over centuries.

The Sanfermines in Pamplona, Las Fallas of Valencia and Seville’s April Fair are renowned worldwide, but there are many traditional festivals scattered throughout our geography, which take place throughout the year.

From the Tamborrada, celebrated in February in the beautiful city of San Sebastian, to the colorful Carnival parades in Tenerife, the pilgrimage of El Rocío in Huelva and the largest tomato battle in the world, the Tomatina, Spain offers parties for all tastes and ages.

Folk traditions such as bull fighting and flamenco are the best known outside our borders. While you can currently find a flamenco show in almost any Spanish city, in Andalusia you will discover the essence and roots of flamenco singing, guitar and dancing.

Other traditions include Catalonia’s "castells," human towers several stories high, the theatrical Elche Mystery Play and the flowering Patios of Cordoba, all worthy of their inclusion in Spain’s list of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.