· Aragon ·

If we take into account that the name of its capital, Zaragoza, comes from the name of its founder and first Roman emperor, Cesar Augusto, it is not surprising that everything in this city is imperial.

From the majestic Ebro River, the longest and mightiest river in Spain, to the monumental Basilica of Our Lady of the Pilar that reflects in its waters, the grandest Baroque Temple in Spain which every year, thousands of pilgrims come to from all over the world.

The city is known for its heroic resistance to Napoleon’s troops during the War for Independence, some of which’s scenes are portrayed in the paintings of the most world-renowned Aragonese painter: Francisco de Goya.

Nearby is the Monegros Desert, an ecosystem, unique in Europe, where the British author George Orwell fought in its barren lands after enlisting as a volunteer of the Republic during the Spanish Civil War.

To the south of Aragon is the city of Teruel, whose Mudéjar collection, an artistic form of coexistence among cultures, is part of the World Heritage Site.

In this romantic city lie the remains of the Lovers of Teruel, whose tragic love story has become a popular legend.

And, as we’re discussing legends, we mustn’t forget another Aragonese genius born very close by: Luis Buñuel, who is considered one of the original and most important directors in the history of cinema.

The region is also very rich in prehistoric heritage. The remains of the first Spanish dinosaur, the Aragosaurus, as well as the Turiasaurus Riodevenis, the largest dinosaur in Europe, were both found here. A magnificent theme park, Dinópolis, teaches visitors everything related to the planet’s ancient inhabitants.

But perhaps the greatest expression of the Aragonese nature is the Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park, the highest calcareous massif in Europe, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Its extraordinary high mountain landscape is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities throughout the year.

And when winter arrives, the main sport is undoubtedly skiing, which we can practice in any of the fantastic stations scattered throughout the Aragonese Pyrenees.