· Region of Murcia ·

Known as Europe’s orchard, this fertile land was once cultivated by the Romans, although it was the Arabs who created the complex and effective irrigation system that would release its full potential.

This well-known orchard and the products from the sea, that cover its seemingly endless coastline, are the source of Murcia’s excellent gastronomy.

Thanks to its key location along the Mediterranean and to the overlap of cultures that have left their mark, Murcia is home to a wealth of testimonies from the past.

Being more than 2000 years old, the city of Cartagena has been the scene of some of history’s most incredible events.

The famous Aníbal departed from here with his army of elephants to cross the Pyrenees and the Alps to confront the Romans on their own soil.

Its impressive Roman theatre dates back to that era, but only discovered at the end of the 20th Century, has now been magnificently restored.

Other gems of the region are the baroque city of Lorca and its formidable medieval castle, and Caravaca de la Cruz, considered one of the world’s 5 holy cities alongside Rome, Jerusalem, and Spain’s very own Santiago de Compostela and Santiago Toribio de Liébana.

Due to Murcia’s very special relationship with the sea, it has one of the most popular tourist resorts in the Mediterranean: Manga del Mar Menor.

Water sports enthusiasts will be in their element, enjoying their favourite activities along the endless white sandy beaches and idyllic crystal-clear water coves. 

More than 300 sunny days every year and the gorgeous Mediterranean climate allow golfers to practice their best shots in any of its 22 courses.

Why not escape from it all by taking a peaceful health bath in one of Murcia’s many spas and thalassotherapy centres that will send you home as good as new, if you ever decide to leave!